Protect, repair, REGENERATE

Protect, repair, REGENERATE

Protect, repair, REGENERATEProtect, repair, REGENERATEProtect, repair, REGENERATE

Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs) often the result of falls or road accidents have devastating long-term physical, social, and financial impacts on patients and their families. The cervical spinal cord (located in the neck) is the most frequent location of injury. Damage to the cervical spinal cord results in the loss of cells critical for sending signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Without these signals the ability to perform everyday activities such as walking, grasping, holding and controlling bowel / bladder function is compromised.  There are no effective drug or regenerative therapies available for the over one million North Americans living with SCI. with current  treatment limited to surgical decompression  of the spinal cord and rehabilitative therapy.  Inteligex is working to develop novel stem cell and drug based therapies for the treatment of SCI.

Stem Cells for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury


Human stem cells show exciting promise for treating SCI patients, due to their ability to replace any cell type within the human body. However, there remain critical shortfalls in current stem cell technology that limit application to human SCI.  Inteligex believes it has the solution and is working to translate its stem cell technology for  clinical use.

SMaRT cells and Intelicells


Inteligex has developed exciting stem cell technologies for the treatment of acute and chronic forms of SCI:

SMaRT cells -  Spinal Microenvironment modifying and Regenerative Therapeutic cells have been developed specifically for the treatment of chronic cervical traumatic SCI. These bioengineered stem cells have the ability to overcome the harsh microenvironment seen in the days, weeks and months following a SCI.

Intelicells - Intelicells are designed for use in the weeks following a SCI and aim to replace key cells lost following the injury. Whilst regenerative in their own right Intelicells can be combined with SMaRT cells at later stages of injury to enhance recovery.